10 Best Motorcycle Riding Boots in India

When you are going on a bike ride, bike riding boots makes the rider feel safer, and comfortable when riding motorcycle in any condition.

A full-riding set includes a helmet, a jacket, chest protector, riding pants, elbow and knee guards, gloves, and a pair of riding boots. Each of these components is important in its own way, but arguably, you at least need to wear the helmet and riding boot, even if you are skipping the rest of the get-up. 

Boots are important because normal footwear isn’t able to provide the kind of protection like riding boots do. Motorcycle riding boots are built specially to support a rider’s heel to provide extra comfort and safety. Even in case of an accident, if you are wearing riding boots, chances are your feet will be safe. 

So, if you don’t already own a pair of bike riding shoes, it’s high time that you consider buying one. And if you need help choosing the best pair for you, let’s read ahead to look at the 10 best riding boots available on Amazon so that you can choose the best pair for you. 

10 Best Riding Boots in India

#1. Alpinestars SMX 1 R Vented Riding Boot

Alpinestars Motorcycle Riding Boot

Key Specifications:

● Excellent Heel counter support 

● Advanced microfiber upper construction

● Soft TPR rear Heel

● Great fit

● Comfortable

● Easy to put on 

● Great abrasion resistance 

● Durable

If you need a good durable pair of riding boots that are also absolutely comfortable to wear, then you might want to check out the Alpinestars SMX 1 R Vented Riding Boots. The boots are made with the rider’s best comfort in mind.

The upper part of the boots is made of microfiber to make the shoes very durable and comfortable to wear. And the rear heel has a soft TPR insert so that the shoes feel super easy to walk with. There is also some room provided along with the TPR insert so that your ankles could have the greatest possible freedom. 

The easy fit and flexible design of the boots make it really easy for riders to control their feet. So, you get the protection and safety you need without compromising the comfort and mobility of your feet. 

The closure straps of the boots are made with a rider’s anatomy in mind so that they can fit perfectly with any kind of foot. So, as long as you get the right size, the shoes will fit no matter what kind of feet you have. 

#2. Joe Rocket Men’s Bike Riding Boot

Joe Rocket Leather Best Riding Boots

Key Specifications:

● Split grain leather built

● Waterproof

● Double-stitched

● Rubber gear shift protector

● Internally reinforced toe, ankle, and heel

If you are a frequent rider, you could use a pair of riding boots that are durable. The Joe Rocket Men’s Bike Riding Boots are quite durable, so they can last you a long time. 

The waterproof membrane in the shoes makes them resistant to water damage. It could also help a lot when you are riding in the rain. Since the boots are waterproof, your feet will be safe from the rain, and you’d slip less. That could make riding in the rain a lot safer for you. 

The sleek leather construction of the boots also makes them look quite stylish and high quality. You’d also love wearing them as they are quite comfortable. The internally reinforced toe, ankle, and heel make the boots quite sturdy, and the double stitching makes sure that even with rough usage, they won’t wear out soon.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about the safety factor either. The shoes have rubber gear and shift protectors. That, along with the overall high-quality build of the shoes, means that your feet will be protected no matter what when you wear these boots. 

#3. Borleni Motorcycle Riding Shoes

Borleni Bike Riding Boots

Key Specifications:

● Next-level safety and protection

● Slip-protection

● Easy to wear

● Comes with a side zipper

● Gearshift protection

● Comfortable

● Stylish

Since riding boots are quite heavy-duty, they can sometimes be uncomfortable to wear and not easy to put on. Not the Borleni Motorcycle Riding Boots, though. You won’t have to bother with shoelaces with these boots. They come with side zippers so that you can just zip up and go. 

The shoes are made up of a blend of stylish and durable leather and breathable fabric so that they can be both tough and comfortable. They provide both the safety of riding shoes and the comfort of high-end sports shoes.

An extra PP protective shell is included in the ankles and heels of the boots to provide both safety and flexibility. Along with these, the reflective innards of the boots also enhance both their active and passive safety factor. 

That’s not all the boots offer when it comes to your safety. They also feature impact resistance, water resistance, an extra thickened toe cap, and microfiber gear shift protection. In terms of the protection and safety factors, these shoes are way more advanced than most other riding shoes available out there. 

Not to mention the anti-slip soles of the boots make them ideal for wearing during rainy day rides. They can provide your feet extra stability to minimize those nasty rainy-day falls. These are durable, heavy-duty shoes, so you can go for them if you are a frequent user. You won’t have to buy another pair for quite a while. 

#4. Royal Enfield Mens Stelvio Wp Riding Boot

Royal Enfield Riding Boot

Key Specifications:

● Universal fit

● Sturdy and sleek finish

● High-performance rubber outsole

● Comfortable

● Replaceable and adjustable closure 

● Waterproof

● Durable

● Safe

Royal Enfield is known for its motorbikes, and you’d be happy to know that they have the perfect pair of bike riding shoes to wear along with their bikes. The Royal Enfield men’s Stelvio Wp Riding Boots are well designed, and styling and they can keep your feet safe. 

Like many other riding boot brands, these are made from leather, but the quality of the leather is what sets these boots apart. It is made up of grain leather, a waterproof membrane, and an ergonomic polyurethane shin plate. The reinforced toe and heel pad made out of leather can repel any blows that may otherwise hurt your feet. In addition, they keep all the dirt and debris away so that your feet can stay clean even when you are out in rough terrain. 

The shoes are easy to wear, and they are super secure. There are three buckles and Velcro ortholite footbed so that your feet and ankles can have extra cushioning. They also make the shoes quite breathable as they allow you to strap them as tight or as loose as you like. So, no matter how big your feet are, these shoes will provide a great fit. The buckles are replaceable, so even if one of them breaks, you can just replace it. 

Due to the extra breathability and cushioning, the boots are super comfortable to wear. And since they are made of high-quality materials, they are super durable. So, if you don’t own a pair of riding boots, these can be a perfect beginner-friendly choice. 

#5. Alpinestars Faster 3 Rideknit Shoes 

Alpinestars Boots for Riding

Key Specifications:

● Comfortable

● Flexible

● Knitted mesh construction

● Innovative and technical finish

● Extra air vent details for breathability

● Stylish

Don’t like long, big, and bulky riding shoes but need the protection they provide? Then check out the Alpinestars Faster 3 Rideknit Shoes; they are light, tough, and super comfortable to wear. They only go up to your ankles, so if you are looking for the perfect summer riding shoes, here they are. 

Unlike most riding shoes, which are made out of leather, these boots, are made up of microfibers. The main upper part that provides most of the protection to your feet is made out of advanced microfibers, and the rest of it is seamlessly thermo-welded to build boots that can provide the necessary safety to your feet without making them too heavy and bulky. 

For extra breathability, there are also air vents placed around the lateral and toe area of the boots. They are placed there strategically so that your feet will get enough air and not sweat as much. The TPR sliders additionally make the shoes quite flexible. 

They go up to the lower lateral area of your ankles for improved support and protection. You can wear them anywhere, they are stylish enough to look like modern streetwear, so you won’t have to limit them to just riding trips. 

#6. Fly Racing 2020 Youth Maverik Riding Boot

Fly Racing Rider Boots

Key Specifications:

● Quality materials and craftsmanship

● Flexible

● Sturdy

● Adjustable quick lock buckles

● Comfortable

Looking for a good pair of bike riding shoes for your young son? You may have a tough time finding the right size of riding boots. Most motorcycle riding shoes are made for adults, and they would be too big and too bulky for your son. Don’t worry, though; the Fly Racing 2020 Youth Maverik Bike Riding Boots are the perfect first motorcycle riding shoes for anyone’s first riding trip. 

They are made with the same sturdy materials as adult riding shoes but with the size and comfort of a young rider in mind. You may love riding and willing to wear a bulky pair of riding shoes to keep your feet protected, but the little ones won’t wear them if they are too uncomfortable. You won’t have to worry about that with these boots. 

The boots have a 3d molded plastic shift panel to provide a pleasant texture to the boots, along with protecting them from premature wear. The rear ankles are flexible, and they can keep the weight down. This makes the boots super comfortable to wear and easy to walk with.

There is also an elastic gaiter in the boots to make them comfortable around the calf area and keep dirt and debris away. Young ones tend to be clumsy, so the rubber outsoles that the shoes have provided extra grip, so they don’t fall as often. Your young ones will stay safe and will have a comfortable bike ride. 

#7. Orazo Ibis Velcro Riding Boot

Orazo IBIS Boot

Key Specifications:

● Superior shock absorption

● Ankle protection

● Steel toe protection

● High-grade leather material

● Waterproof

● Well-designed flex points

● Smooth leather finish

● High-degree anti-slip sole

● Ultra-comfy bounce back

Getting a good pair of bike riding shoes can be quite expensive. But if you don’t have that much budget, Orazo Ibis Velcro Bike Riding Boots are the best budget option available out there. In an impressive price range, they provide safety, flexibility, and comfort. 

The boots are formed out of high-quality waterproof leather that provides abrasion resistance and water resistance without the use of an extra plastic membrane. You can wear them as frequently as you like; the high-quality leather is made to be wear-resistant. 

The shoes have a 2.5 cm high heel, which provides extra soft steps and ultimate bounce back. You’ll feel like you are walking on cotton when you wear these shoes. But the protection they provide is anything but soft. They provide steel toe protection, ultimate slip protection thanks to the high degree anti-slip sole, and super effective ankle protection. 

The design of the shoes also makes them stand out. With sleek deep brown color and shiny leather finish, they are quite a looker. Mostly, they are the best choice for budget bike riding boots. 

#8. Bacca Bucci Flame Original Motorcycle Riding Boots

Bacca Bucci Motorcycle Shoe

Key Specifications:

● High-quality rubber sole

● Breathable elastic material

● High-quality artificial fluff innards

● Waterproof

● High traction anti-slip sole

● Perfect for winter use

If the ultra-stylish design of the Bacca Bucci Flame Original bike riding boot isn’t enough to make up your mind, the specifications of the boots definitely are. They are the perfect winter boots, even if you don’t like riding. They are super warm and super comfortable, so get them even if you don’t ride a bike; you can wear them throughout winter.

These boots aren’t made of leather; instead, they are made of a combination of rubber and artificial fluff. That is why these are so comfortable and wearable. The rubber sole of the boots provides all the protection needed for riding, and the breathable material makes them super comfortable. 

You get all of the classic riding boot features like water resistance, anti-slip sole, and sealed seams to keep your feet safe and insulated. You get the ultimate grip and protection as you may expect from riding boots, along with comfort and warmth; what more could you want from a pair of boots? 

#9. Raida Tourer Riding Boot

Raida Tourer Motorcycle Shoes

Key Specifications:

● Thermoplastic elastomeric sole

● EVA padding for superb protection

● Full-grain microfiber material

● Waterproof membrane

● Orthopedic gel-padded insoles

● Strategic cushioning for shock absorption

● Touring sole with specific grip areas

● Thermoformed toe cap

● Zipper

● Snuggly fit

The Raida Tourer Bike Riding Boots are another great pair of winter riding boots, but these are manufactured with the best available level of safety possible. Unlike the pair of motorcycle riding shoes just mentioned above, which are mainly made with an emphasis on comfort, these are all about safety. 

The thermoplastic elastomeric sole makes sure that your feet are warm and protected. Extra EVA padding and thermoformed toe protection make are that no blow to your feet can actually hurt you. The cushioning provided is strategically placed so that it can absorb any shock to your feet most effectively. This is necessary for a pair of riding shoes, and in this pair, you are getting it. 

Gripping is also something they have paid special attention to. The turning sole has specific grip areas so that you can be super sturdy on your feet no matter how slippery of a surface you are standing on. With the zippers, they are also quite convenient to wear. Essentially, they are a great pair of winter riding shoes that is going to keep your feet the safest. 

#10. PARA Trooper Men’s Black Force Motorcycle Riding Boots


Key Specifications:

● High-quality Polyurethane sole

● High-quality leather

● Comfortable grip

● Long-lasting

● Has zippers

● Great design

Not only are the PARA TROOP Men’s Black Force Bike Riding Boots really stylish they are also a really sturdy pair of boots. They have a high-quality polyurethane sole that can prevent water from getting into the boots, provide a really sturdy and comfortable grip, and can absorb blows to the feet. Whether you are walking on a dry or wet surface, you are going to be just as sturdy, so they are great for rainy days. 

Since the boots are made of high-quality leather, they are going to be quite durable. You are going to have enough ankle support, and the zipper makes it really easy to put on and take off. Shoelaces can be a hassle when you are in a hurry, so if you live a fast life, these shoes with zippers can be a lot more convenient for you. 

They also provide a great fit. Not too tight and not too loose, so there is enough room for your feet to breathe. Overall, they are super comfortable to wear, so you won’t regret buying them. 

What to Look for When Buying Best Riding Boots?


Your safety should be the number one factor when deciding to go for a pair of riding boots. After all, you are wearing them to keep your feet safe. 

Go for high-quality materials and boots with sturdy craftsmanship. You are going to need these shoes to protect your feet, so you had better get the pair that can protect your feet the best. Go for a pair of boots that has excellent shock absorption ability, sturdy grip, and adequate toe and ankle protector. 


The material that the riding shoes are made of can determine how safe they are, how comfortable they are, and how long they are going to last you. High-quality materials can cost you a little bit more at the moment, but ultimately, they are going to last longer, and they are going to save you from having to buy another pair of shoes just a few months later..

Also, if you are someone who prefers comfort over anything else, you should go for boots made out of more breathable material. If you don’t mind bulky shoes, go for high-end leather. They are going to be a bit hot, but they will keep your feet safe. 


Since you are buying a pair of riding shoes, we are going to go ahead and assume that you are a frequent rider. In that case, you are going to use your riding shoes a lot, so go for a durable pair.  A durable pair of riding boots is not only going to save you money, but they will also make sure that if any accident does happen, at least your feet stay safe. There is no use in buying a pair of shoes that is going to wear out after a couple of use. Check the quality of the material when you are buying them if you want to be able to tell how long they are going to last. 

Cost and Style

Riding boots can be expensive. But since you need them to protect your feet, you are better off going for a high-quality pair. Moreover, if you are going to spend a ton of money on a pair of riding boots, you had better get a stylish pair. If you admire the way they look, you are going to wear them more often. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are These Riding bike Boots comfortable to wear?

These motorcycle riding shoes have a soft and bouncy sole making it easier for you to walk in them. They are also made of breathable and soft materials, so they’d be comfortable to wear. 

2. Are these Bike Riding Boots too warm?

Though the motorcycle riding shoes look big and bulky, they are made of breathable material. Many even have extra air vents to let airflow get to your feet. Therefore, they won’t be too warm to wear in the summer. 

3. Is it safe to wear these motorcycle riding boots in the rain?

The riding boots are not only waterproof, but they can also provide a better grip and anti-slip soles, helping you not fall as much in the rain. So, they are ideal for rainy day rides. 

5. Do these bike riding shoes provide a sturdy grip?

Wearing a pair of bike riding shoes can provide you with a better grip than other kinds of shoes. They have special soles that come with specific grip areas. This makes them easy to walk with on a slippery surface. 

6. Are these riding boots easy to clean?

These motorcycle riding shoes are fairly easy to clean. Depending on the material they are made of, you can safely clean them. If the boots come with specific instructions on how to clean them, make sure to follow them. 


Now that you know a bit more about these bike riding boots, you can choose the best ones for your feet. Any frequent rider should already have a pair of favorite bike riding shoes.

If you don’t or your pair have been damaged, and you are looking for a new pair, go through the list; we are sure you are going to find your next favorite pair. If you want to keep your feet safe while also riding with a little bit of style, you should get a pair of motorcycle riding shoes before you go on your next ride. 

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